50mm Venetian Blinds 1:9
50mm Venetian Blinds 1:9
50mm Venetian Blinds 1:9

50mm Venetian Blinds 1:9

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  1. New generation metal core breaking system

  2. Gear deceleration ratio 1:9 can be choose.

  3. The low stop of the winder ensure the one way work,and the high precision linear winder ensures a line of lifting,the spacial leaf-driving structure,ensuring that system is smooth and stable and good air tight.

  4. The new type metal core brake system and one-way used winder can be extended to automatic descent system.

  5. 4.5*6 loop chain and 5mm loop cord is available.

  6. The no-load tension is less than 0.5kg,max weight is 15kg,and the rising tension is less thsn 4kg,which make the labor saving to 80%.

Venetian blinds is suitable for office,rooms,hotels,villas and so on.

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