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Roller Blinds
TZ55 Auto-falling spring roller blinds system

TZ55 Auto-falling spring roller blinds system

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1.Positive pull the chain, roller blinds down, reverse the chain, head only unlock, roller blind automatically up.

2. The system is equipped with retarder, and the roller blinds automatically rises at a uniform and stable speed.

3.Roller blinds can be stopped at any height.

4.1: 1.5 reduction ratio is adopted for the clutch making, which makes it easier to the chain.

5.The system is equipped with a limiter, and the roller blinds will automatically stop when it rises /falls to a fixed position.

6. The clutch used mental-core technology.


1.Min W 0.95m

2.Max H 3m

3.Max load 3kg(light duty);Max load 6kg(heavy duty)

Spring roller blinds is widely used in high-grade ofice buildings, office buildings, meeting roomshotel lobbies, coffee shops, study room and other places to shade.


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