January, 2020 to attend HEIMTEXTIL in Frankfurt, Germany

Date :2020-04-09

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 January 7, 2020, "HEIMTEXTIL" - Frankfurt international home and commercial textile exhibition is one of the most successful exhibition brands in Frankfurt, and it is also the largest and most international exhibition in this field. Now it has successively held global exhibitions of the same brand in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Today, "HEIMTEXTIL" is still growing, and its leading position in similar exhibitions in the industry can not be shaken. At the same time, Frankfurt international home and commercial textile exhibition's authoritative forecast of the trend makes it as always stand in the forefront of the global trend of home textile products.

"HEIMTEXTIL" - a good opportunity for high-quality exhibitors from the fields of design, creativity and manufacturing, is also an ideal platform for the whole textile industry to release home fabric, interior decoration new products, the latest trends and designs.


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